Vernon Rust


August yielded William Lee Golden recording my song “Louisiana Red Dirt Highway” for the third time. The first being on his “American Vagabond” album, the second his anthology “My Life’s work” and now The Oakridge Boys greatest offering yet “It’s only Natural”.

My old dear friend, John Perkins found me on the web after a 2 year search. Turns out he’s been in films and TV forever, and weve always shared wierd cooll music. I straight up,spent june and july on the steets of nashville.My van was stolen along with all my shit…

Now I am the grandfather of modern sound, emerging from the jungle & letting them hear me roar. “who is willing to serve me…?”


John Perkins & I attended the same Episcopalian church and camp, then college in Ruston and Baton Rouge. We were both good friends with my mentor &  co-writer Kix Brooks, who brought me to Nashville and where our young children Eric, Molly, Melissa & Taylor grew up together for a while.

Anyway, Perkins & his long-time partner Scott Floyd Crain produce and direct specialty projects for a very illustrious list of clients. Interested in my riches to rags to redemption story, we began filming “Nashville Wildchild” (my life story) in Tennessee last week…

3 thoughts on “Vernon Rust

  1. “Do you know how to get a Nashville Wildchild off your front porch?”….”Buy the steaks!”..KENNY CLARK (borrowed from Vernon Rust)

  2. L, your’s and Helen’s story is amazing. I do admire your gypsy spirit!
    I plan on going to the Douglas Corner gig.
    Also the story you just related Vern is such a God thing.
    Maybe we could discuss the Joe Jesus lyric I sent. If not that’s cool as I know your pretty busy.
    God’s blessings Vern

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